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Our promise to preserve the, true original taste of like Thailand from our kitchen to your table.

The mango sticky rice is a wonderful and authentic-tasting Thai dessert that's as good,

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Top Thai Cuisine continues the tradition of crafting delicious home-cooked ​food for those dining out. Since Top Thai's opening day, Chef Noong used ​home-grown herbs in the restaurant's dishes. Reflecting both the dishes she ​ate in the past, as well as her family's values in sustainable dining.

She ensured that all dishes a were inspired by and prepared with only the ​freshest ingredients that the season has to offer. Today, Noong's family ​traditions are continued and developed into the third generation, through ​her nephew Tom Suksomboon. Living and working in Thailand for over ​twenty years has allowed Tom to revive old family recipes, and discover new ​tastes and inspirations, after cooking with relatives and eating his way ​through the streets and countryside, it is these old recipes and new flavors ​that Tom brings to the table at Top Thai Cuisine.

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Real-Deal "Khao Soi Gai" (Northern Thai Coconut Curry Noodle soup)

Crispy Shrimp Blanket

Enjoy fresh seafood flown in daily.

No ocean. No worries.

Private Events & Catering

Please inquire about events and private dining at Top Thai cuisine or catering at your ​home or venue by the Top Thai team and we welcome your private dining event at all ​locations. Please let us know if you have a specific location in mind when submitting an ​information request email: or calling our events ​team at 818-705-8902


  1. "Yum naem Khao Thot "crispy rice salad

2. Top Thai Platters

3. Fresh Spring Rolls

"Mee krob " Thai dish consisting of deep-fried rice vermicelli noodles

Sweet Sticky Rice with mango

Grilled Chicken Sa-Tay

Passing Trays

For the Finest in foods and catering service, Now today! We have just recently moved to a New ​location in Sherwood Forest, Ca. Address: 8640 Lindley Ave Northridge, CA, 19325.

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Enjoy your day. Every Specials menu buffet-style meals, like bring the restaurant to your house, our promise to preserve the true original taste of Thai food from our kitchen to your table!

Only the finest Thai food flavors

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Crafted by our master chefs


the finest ingredients

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Served with care and


Flavor is our purpose

Kaho Soi (Northern Thai Curry Noodles)

our mission is to introduce you to our favorite flavors using expert ​techniques and authentic ingredients. Our version is the real deal, ​straight from the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand!.

A traditional Classic Pad Thai Noodle in ​san fernando valley!

Top Thai Cuisine Signature ​Curry (Panang)

Sizzling Seafood Everyone love it!

Menu Favorites

Kaho Soi (Norhtern ​Thai Curry Noodles)

Rich and creamy with tender braised chicken in a coconut-y curry broth with boiled and fried noodles. Our version is the real deal, straight from the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand!



Is everything you know and love ​about South-East Asian salads, this​ dish combines the four main​ tastes of Thailand: sour from lime,​ spicy from hot chili, salty from fish​ sauce, and sweet from palm sugar.​ Fresh green papaya, green bean,​ tomato, garlic, shrimp and peanuts​ tossed together in our incredible​ sauce, creates a true tour of​ northeastern Thai!​

Food On A Plate

Thai-Style Grilled BBQ Pork(Moo-Ping)

A popular street food in Thailand. Thin slices of fatty pork butt are tossed in a punchy, savory marinade, bunched tightly, and cooked over charcoal. The pork is brushed with unsweetened coconut cream as it cooks!

Grilled Salmon with Green Curry

Grilled salmon topped with our classic green curry with green beans, bell pepper, bamboo shoots, and basil.

Seafood Soup (Po-Teak)

Thai seafood soup recipe called ​Po-Teak in Thai and is another ​popular Thai hot and sour soup ​with assorted seafood, fresh ​mushroom, and exotic lemongrass, ​kaffir lime leaves, Thai chilies, Thai ​basil, and galangal with fresh lime ​juice and fish sauce as a ​seasoning. Yum!

Panang Curry

Our smooth Panang curry paste combined with coconut milk, bell pepper, kaffir lime leaf, peas, carrot, and Thai basil.

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